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Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, birthday, wedding or life – dedicate your celebration to FOP Friends and help us find that much-desired cure for FOP. 

Leave a Legacy

Your last donation is the most lasting gift of all.  Our vision at FOP Friends is that one day, no-one will suffer the full effects of fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva and the related conditions.  Leaving a legacy gift to FOP Friends will mean that together, we can help make this vision a reality.  With your help, we can continue funding the research for treatment and a cure for FOP and work to improve the lives of all it affects for generations to come. 

FOP Friends can’t offer legal advice or guidance, but the website Remember a Charity has some information if you are considering leaving a gift in your will:

So, if the time is ever right to think about including a charity in your will, please remember FOP Friends. 


Instead of gifts why not ask your friends and family to make a donation to FOP Friends with a birthday fundraiser? Go online with Facebook to reach friends that live far away. 


Congratulations on your special day!  Celebrate by setting up a fundraiser to get donations to find a treatment and a cure for FOP, rather than unwanted gifts.


Instead of having wedding favours, why not pledge an amount to FOP Friends?  We can provide cards for your tables to acknowledge your donation to your guests.  Or maybe you don’t want another toaster……ask for donations instead.