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Due to the the Covid-19 pandameic, the STOPFOP clinical trial was paused.  However, as of July 2020, plans are now underway to recommence the trial, starting in Amsterdam, with RNOH London and other sites to follow.

FOP Friends hosted a webinar with Professor Alex Bullock (University of Oxford), Dr Marelise Eekhoff (Amsterdam, VUMC), Dr Bernard Smilde (Amsterdam VUMC) and Professor Richard Keen (RNOH, London).  The webinar was attended by patients and families from 14 countries around the world.

Research into saracatinib has been part funded by FOP Friends.  We are so very grateful to all our friends and supporters who have fundraised for us over the years, which has helped to make this trial possible.


Innovative Medicines Initiative

Read more about the STOPFOP trial here.



We are delighted to share with you, the STOPFOP webinar, July 2020.



STOPFOP Webinar Presentation Slides

Click on the image to download the presentation slides from the webinar.