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There have been many articles written about FOP over the years.

A big thank you to everyone who shares their story, helping to raise awareness and understanding of FOP.

If you know of any article about FOP that is not listed here, please do let us know so we can add it to our library.

Brave little Brodie gets on his bike to thank hospital team that cared for him 

Carla Talbot

May 2020

“A Paisley youngster with an incurable condition is tackling a charity challenge to raise cash for the hospital charity that cared for him.

Little Brodie Robertson is only five years old, but he has already overcome more than most people have in their lifetime.”

Their tissue turns to bone. Their joints freeze in place. And, finally, their hopes for treatment may be realized 

Damien Guarde

March 2019

Whitney Weldon, from New York, tells her story of living with FOP and how she doesn’t stop her living a busy life.  From participating in clinical trials to college to shopping on Fifth Avenue.

Philly woman with rare bone disease donates skeleton to Mütter Museum

Dana Bate

February 2019

Carol Orzel had FOP, a rare disorder in which connective tissue is replaced by bone. She wished her skeleton to be displayed at the Mütter Museum in Philadelphia. A year after she’d passed away, aged 58, her wish was fullfilled.

FOP: Instagram star who is turning to bone

Erinn Kerr

January 2019

“Zoe Buxton can’t get herself dressed or do her own hair, yet she sustains a following of fashion and lifestyle enthusiasts with her blog and Instagram account.”

Boy Growing Second Skeleton… 

Erin Cardiff & Chris Kitching

August 2018

Read Ellis’ story, as told by his mum Suzanne, as they learn to live with the diagnosis of FOP.

A Few Hundred People Turned To Bone 

Thomas Maeder

February 1998

Medical researchers struggle to understand—and hope eventually to cure—a bizarre and little-known disease that slowly but inescapably turns its victims into masses of solid bone.