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Welcome to the FOP Friends Support Directory. Here you will find useful links to pages that specialise in parental mental health, male mental health, and children's mental health. 

Although this FOP journey can sometimes feel difficult and isolating, remember that you are never alone. If you ever need any extra support, don't feel embarrassed to reach out.


Supporting parents with a child suffering from mental illness

Anxiety: Fact file on anxiety - the different types, and the symptoms a child may show if suffering from this. 

HealthyPlace Community: Provides information and resources which can help parents to learn more about their child’s mental health illness and provide a support system whereby you can get advice when you need it.  

Mental Health specialists: Gives you an overview of the different types of mental health specialists and what they do as you GP may refer you to one of these. 

Mental illness in children: Know the signs: Provides information on the symptoms your child may have that could be a sign of mental illness. It notes how it can be difficult sometimes to know what to watch out for so this website gives you an idea. 

Mind: Gives advice about how to cope when supporting someone else. Some parents may be classed as carers when looking after their child with a mental health problem. Mind directs you to useful weblinks that explain more about this and what you can do to gain support for this.

MindED for families: If you are worried about your child’s mental health, this website provides resources and tips on how to act on these thoughts, so your child can get the help they need. There are useful blog posts on common problems, what to do in a crisis and child and teen development.

NHS: Provides information for mental health support near you.

ParentInfo: Gives you the warning signs to look out for if you feel like your child may have a mental illness

Time to Change: A blog post by a parent who is describing their child’s journey at school living with a mental illness. This story is hoped to spread knowledge and perspective about how people perceive mental illness. Essentially, it is trying to help remove the stigma.

Treatment of Children with Mental Illness: Frequently asked questions about what to do if you are concerned about your child’s mental health 

YoungMinds: Gives parents tips on ways they can help their child to be more open about their feelings about circumstances that may trigger their illness. There is also advice for parents on the importance of looking after themselves. 

Males living with mental health

Depression and Men: Looks into the different factors that may affect a males’ mental health and the things that you can do to help them address this. 

Depression in Men: What it Looks Like and How to Get Help: Shows you the signs of symptoms of depression in men and what you can try and do to help the speak out about it. 

Mind: “Man up”? Getting more “men” in mental health: This article talks about why men should be more open with their mental illness. It describes those that speak out as ‘manning up.’ 

Movember Foundation: Information in the form of podcasts and blog posts that tell the stories of men who have depression and how they have spoken out about it.

Time to Change: The stigma around mental health for men is real: A blog post on a males experiences with living with mental health and how he is trying to spread the message about opening up due to the stigma still attached to young men dealing with mental health. 

Children dealing with mental health

Mind: Booklets about young people’s experiences when going to support groups and how they feel about the service that has been provided.

NHS: Guide to how CAMHS (Child and adolescent mental health services) can help if you need it and what to expect from the services when you book an appointment. 

Samaritans: If things are getting a bit too much, Sarmatians are here to listen to whatever is on your mind. 

YoungMinds: Gives advice to young people on the different factors which may affect their wellbeing and how they can try overcoming this.

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