Seanie loves hanging out with her mates and four of them have just gone off to the pictures as I type this out. She’s into make up, clothes , music everything a 16 year old loves, plus she is a brilliant cook and makes the best seafood risotto ever.

As we all do she has her down days but more up ones that down ones, and she is never down for long, she is a totally amazing person with a brilliant sense of humour that can have you crying with laughter at some of the things she comes out with.

Around the middle of June 2008 Seanie was on the trampoline at school when she had a minor accident her knuckle went into her Strawberry birth mark, but on inspection I couldn’t see anything. A couple of weeks later she was complaining her back was hurting her and when I looked at her back there was a large lump there. I took her to our local hospital and they just said she had probably ruptured some vessels in the birth mark and it would settle down. We went home but the lump got more painful and larger so I took her to another hospital where they took it more serious and said the fluid could become infected so they put her on an IV drip. To cut a long story short she had MRI scans blood tests but nothing really showed up until the very last scan in September and that was when they called me back to the hospital and asked that dreaded question what were her big toes like.

From that moment on our life changed.

Date of Birth: 
Monday, 5 February, 1996
September, 2008

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