Oliver summary

I was born on Friday 14th March 2008 at Wythenshawe Hospital.  My mummy and daddy fell in love me straight way!  They tell me (and still do!) that I was very handsome!

I was a bit of a handful as a baby because I didn’t like to sleep much!  There was always far more interesting things to be doing like playing, going out for walks and generally causing trouble.

When I was little I liked to play with my treasure basket and watch Handy Manny and Mickey Mouse on the tv.  I loved to play with daddy’s computer. I liked building things and trying to fix things, just like daddy!

When I was 1 ½ I got a beautiful baby brother called Leo.  I love him very much and I was very excited to give him a cuddle in the hospital when I met him for the first time.  I enjoyed helping mummy look after him and giving him baths.

Now I am two I am a bundle of energy.  I like just about everything!  I love to cook with my mummy and we always make lots of cakes ~ my favourite is chocolate cake.  When I can’t do real cooking I like to pretend and make my own cakes. 

I have a playhouse at the bottom of the garden.  I love to play in there and would stay in it all day if I could!  I like to make sand cakes and play in the water.

I enjoy cutting and sticking and I’m really good at using scissors….mummy is just waiting for me to cut up all her special papers!

I have a baby doll and a pushchair.  I like playing ‘just like mummy’ and I like going for walks.  Sometimes I take my monkey for a walk too!

I like to play with diggers and trucks.  They are so much fun! I love playing with duplo and building towers. I also love animals and I like going to farms and learning about real animals.  I enjoy watching Big Barn Farm on the tv but sometimes it makes me sleepy!

My other favourite things are helicopters and aeroplanes.  I love going to Manchester and other airports to watch the planes take off and land.  I even got to look around an ambulance helicopter but then I had to jump out because he had to go and help someone.

I have been on a real aeroplane too because I went to America so see mummy’s friends.  It was very exciting and I didn’t cry at all!  I had the best holiday and met lots of lovely people.  I even got to drive in a little digger!  I went to Las Vegas too but I didn’t win anything.  I did like the sparkly lights though!

I go to nursery and I like playing with all my friends.  I like painting and baking and I really like playing outside on the bikes.  Mummy and daddy have started looking for a big boy school for me; they can’t believe I’m growing up so fast!

I am very excited about Christmas this year I can’t wait for Santa to visit in his sleigh: I have been a good boy ~ really!  But….I just don’t want him to come down my chim-mee.  He has to knock at the door!


I had a great Christmas and got lots of amazing presents from Father Christmas.  I got a lovely red kitchen to share with Leo and we both love cooking in it.  I also got lots more Duplo to build with.

Now I am three I am a real chatterbox!  I am so independent and can do everything "all by myself!".  I am enjoying being at nursery and playing with my friends.  At the moment, my favourite tv show is Little Einsteins.  I would watch it all day if my mummy would let me!  I love to run around and play in my new garden on my new playground.  I am learning to ride my trike but my legs aren't quite long enough.  I have been helping mummy and daddy in the garden and my little plants are all growing really tall.  My sunflower is the tallest in the garden!  I will take a photograph when it has flowered.

Date of Birth: 
Tuesday, 2 September, 2014
June, 2009

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