Fun Feet and Fabulous Fundraisers

Fun Feet and Fabulous Fundraisers

Sunday 23rd April was a busy day for FOP Friends and the FOP community. With International FOP Awareness Day taking place, our #FunFeet4FOP campaign was in full swing and it was a massive success. The FOP community, from across the world, rallied round and posted their funky feet and fancy footwear, raising lots of awareness for FOP. Check out our gallery to see some of the fabulous photos. 

Also on the day, William and his friends, aged just 10 years old, were out in force raising awareness and collecting donations from the Ramsbottom community by setting up a fundraising stall in their local Morrisons supermarket. Having previously raised almost £300 by completing the 2016 Bury Family Fun Run, and just under £400 by setting up a sweet stall at Ramsbottom Farmers' Market this March, William has fast become a prominent fundraising champion for the FOP community. Well done, William and friends!  

Further down south, we also saw on Jack and Jo complete 26.2 miles respectively. Jack ran the Southampton Marathon while Jo took part in the London Marathon. Collectively, they raised over £2500 for FOP Friends and the FOP community. Thank you so much for your efforts and support, Jack and Jo! 

Overall, Sunday 23rd April was an amazing day filled with fantastic fundraisers and super supporters who raised so much awareness for FOP and the FOP community. 

The great effort did not just stop after that Sunday though. Just a week later, on Sunday 30th April, we saw Sheryll, Cate, and Howard take part in the Hackney Half Marathon raising over £2250 for FOP Friends! While Sheryll admitted she was not a runner, she overcame the challenge and was fantastic at fundraising for the FOP community.

To all our amazing fundraisers and supporters, thank you so much for the continued effort you put into raising money and awareness to hopefully, one day, find treatments/a cure for FOP. 

Hannah Dempsey

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