FOP Friends receive corporate support from Skillsarena for #FunFeet4FOP

FOP Friends receive corporate support from Skillsarena for #FunFeet4FOP

#FunFeet4FOP is just over two weeks away and we’re so excited to announce that Skillsarena, the Chelmsford-based online talent management solutions provider, will be supporting us this year! On 23rd April, the whole team will be wearing flip-flops to the office to raise awareness of FOP.

 About Skillsarena: 

Skillsarena's employment testshelp you recruit with confidence. Skillsarena create and develop highly configurable online tests and training modules designed to measure and provide evidence of candidate and staff workplace skills. Verify candidate skills through hundreds of online assessments with their Skills Testing; Personality Profiling test that delivers powerful and detailed insight and 360 Degree Feedback tool that reviews individuals from multiple perspectives. 

They also offer Skills Testing specific for certain industries. A variety of Retail specific tests to assess a candidate’s ability to handle real life retail scenarios; online recruitment assessments designed for the Housing industry; pre-built Finance assessments enable you to identify candidate knowledge related to financial responsibilities; as well as Logistics skills testing which assess basic “day to day” driver knowledge required by law.

 What is FOP?

FOP (Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva) is one of the rarest, most debilitating conditions known to medicine.  Muscles, tendons & ligaments turn to bone imprisoning the body in a second skeleton. There’s currently no effective treatment, or a cure, and the average life expectancy is only 40-years-old.

What is #FunFeet4FOP?

#FunFeet4FOP is a social media campaign that takes place every year on 23rd April, coinciding with International FOP Awareness Day, and the discovery date of the gene responsible for FOP, ACVR1. People wear wacky shoes, snazzy socks, paint their feet crazy colours etc., then post photos of their fun feet online to raise awareness of FOP.

Why feet?

An important early indication of FOP is malformed big toes at birth. This classic sign is often not recognised, due to lack of awareness. Misdiagnosis is common, which in turn can result in traumatic, unnecessary treatment, such as biopsies, surgery, and chemotherapy. These treatments aggravate FOP symptoms and cause the progression to accelerate.


How your company can help:

Step 1

Make a blog post for us and share on your social media platforms

Step 2

Raise awareness – wear fun feet to work on the 23rd April

Step 3

Do more.  Help us fundraise.

Wear fun feet to work for a small donation; Hold a #FunFeet4FOP Event;  Bake a cake…

How you can individually help:

Get involved:

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