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FOP Friends would like to thank Stephen Fry (Voice Over), Keith Hopwood (Music), John Lever (Production) and Andrew Kepple (Animation) for all the time and effort they devoted to producing this video to help raise awareness of FOP.  Their support is greatly appreciated.

Stephen Fry, visit his website here. Keith Hopwood of Herman's Hermits, visit his website here.
Interesting fact: Stephen appears in "Bones" as the character Dr. Gordon.  "Bones" is one of the few TV series to have featured FOP.  Another is "Greys Anatomy".  

A little

bit of life

Zoe Buxton, 26
Her lifestyle blog focusses on interiors and fashion, whilst also giving an insight as to how she adapts her life to work around her FOP.

 One Spirit, Two Skeletons

Navigating & embracing life with a rare bone disease, FOP.

 Jasmin Floyd, 24

Her blog is a way for her to share her thoughts, perspectives, fears, and dreams. 

 This is an article from 1988 describing the condition FOP.

Watch this video describing the science behind FOP.

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