Complaints Process

Friends of Oliver, Fund Raising Complaints Process.

Friends of Oliver is committed to listening to your views and welcomes feedback whether positive or negative. This complaints procedure sets out what you can expect to happen when you make a complaint to Friends of Oliver.

A complaint is any expression of dissatisfaction by you or your representative. You can complain to us verbally or in writing (email or written).

Aims of the complaints procedure

Our aim is to ensure that your concern is taken seriously and that you receive a satisfactory answer. The aims of this complaints procedure are:

  • To give you an effective way of raising your complaint
  • Where possible, to resolve complaint quickly
  • To deal with complaints fairly and consistently.

What is covered under the complaints procedure?

A complaint can be considered under this procedure if it is relating to Friends of Oliver fund raising activities. If you are unsure whether we can deal with your complaint, please contact us for advice.

What is not covered by the complaints procedure?

Sometimes you will not be able to complain using our complaints procedure. We give some examples of complaints that we cannot consider using our complaints procedure below.

  • If there are or have been legal proceedings in connection with the complaint, including proceedings taken by Friends of Oliver.
  • Any matter that should be considered by a court, statutory tribunal or statutory appeals process.
  • A complaint about personnel matters, including appointments, dismissals, pay, pensions and discipline.
  • Complaints that are principally about members of staff. 

This list is not exhaustive. If we cannot consider your complaint using this procedure we will try to advise you of other appropriate routes available to you for making your complaint.

Time limitations on making a complaint

There will be some complaints that cannot be investigated because too much time has passed for there to be a reasonable and factual investigation to take place.  This time limit is 3 months from the day you become aware of the problem.

The reason for the time bar is that the further away an investigation takes place from the events to be investigated the more difficult it may be to establish the material facts with reasonable confidence. This is because of faded memories and other difficulties in gathering evidence. The difficulty of carrying out a fair investigation has to be balanced against the seriousness of the injustice claimed.

If Friends of Oliver receives a complaint where there is a question about the length of time since the original complaint, we will seek further advice and you will be contacted with an explanation if we cannot investigate.

Making a complaint

We will take complaints seriously, and will always ensure that you receive a response within the set timescales.

You can make a complaint in a number of ways. You can contact us by phone, e-mail, by our contact-us online form, or by letter. When you make your complaint please provide as much information as possible, including the names of any persons you may have already spoken to about the matter and any reference number/s you may have relating to the complaint.

If you want someone else, for example a friend, relative or representative, to complain to us on your behalf, we will work with them to resolve your complaint. However, we will always need to have evidence that you have given your permission for someone else to complain on your behalf.

The complaints procedure

This is a two stage procedure, and it can be used for most concerns you wish to raise.

Stage 1

We hope that most complaints can be resolved at the first stage of the complaints procedure.

When you first make a complaint we should acknowledge receipt of it within 14 working days, and let you know when we think we will be able to give you a full response.

The timescale for responding to Stage 1 is 20 working days. In some circumstances this can be extended to 30 working days. If the Complaints Manager requires more time, you will be contacted and advised of when you can expect a response and the reasons for the delay.

At Stage 1, your complaint will be dealt with by the Complaints Manager or a member of the team that provides the service you are complaining about.

If you are not happy with the full response that you receive at Stage 1, you can ask for the complaint to be put through to Stage 2. Please write to the Complaints Manager if you would like to take your complaint through to Stage 2. The contact details are at the end of this page.

Stage 2 – investigation and review

If we are unable to resolve your complaint at Stage 1, the Complaints Manager will review your complaint.

The timescale for responding to Stage 2 is 20 working days. In some circumstances this can be extended to 30 working days. If the Complaints Manager requires more time, you will be contacted and advised of when you can expect a response and the reasons for the delay.

We understand that you want your complaint resolved and we want to ensure you get a response as soon as possible. However to ensure all elements of your complaint are considered, we have to ensure that a thorough investigation is undertaken, that all information has been provided to us and that any legal requirement has been looked at. Only then can we produce a comprehensive and considered report for you.

If you remain unhappy with the response at the end of Stage 2, you can contact the Fund Raising Standards Board within 2 months of our response who will handle your complaint independently of Friends of Oliver.

Data protection

When you make a complaint, we will log information about your complaint and your name and contact details. Information will only be collected and stored for the purposes of dealing with your complaint and improving our services. Your complaint and details will be treated confidentially.


Complaints Manager: Chris Bedford-Gay, 1 Cumberland Road, Sale, Cheshire, M33 3FR

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